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  • How do I know that the offer from is always the best?
    The system is built in such a way that the person who makes the reservation is always shown the best offers that the travel organiser is able to offer to the customer. Based on the user’s choices, the system automatically offers a package if it matches the conditions defined by an operator for a special package. The person making the reservation does not have to know the names, codes etc., of the packages; always offers the package at the best possible price.
  • Is it permitted to reserve the departures of different operators at the same time?
  • How does reservation confirmation look like, e-ticket, SMS?
     SMS: "Reservation no. 00000000, TAL>HEL, 01.01.1970 07:30, D-terminal. Bon voyage!".
  • How many vouchers for how many passengers can be reserved at the same time?
    A maximum of 8 vouchers for eight passengers can be reserved at the same time. If more than 8 passengers are travelling at the same time, divide the passengers into groups and buy the vouchers separately or write to and mark the point of departure and the destination, the date and the number of passengers.
  • How to book a vehicle?
    Through the site you can book a place for a vehicle that is up to 7m long. For booking a place for your vehicle you must insert exact measurements of your car, you must inform the total length and height of the vehicle (also if there is a cargo on the roof, a ski box, a trailer etc).
    For vehicles with a total weight that exceeds 3,5 tons and/or are transporting/ intended to transport any commercial goods are booked as cargo and should be booked through the shipping company's cargo department.
  • Where can I find the general conditions of the ferry operator?
    Before you paying for the reservation, it is required that you familiarise yourself with the conditions of the operator. These are displayed in step 5 of the reservation process.
  • What should I do if, after exiting the Internet bank, I forgot to click “Back to the Vendor”?
    In that case the voucher has not been reserved. To get the voucher please contact
  • What should I do if the ferry does not depart and the trip is cancelled? is a travel agency and does not organise the trips. Depending on the weather or on other factors, departure times can change. If the operator has decided to cancel the departure you should ask for more detailed information from the operator of the ferry for which you bought the voucher. Generally, ferry operators inform their passengers about cancelled departures and offer replacements – therefore it is important to provide the cell phone number and e-mail address of the correct contact person when making the reservation.
  • What are the requirements for travelling with pets?
    Before travelling with a pet you should familiarise yourself with the conditions of the operator regarding pets. The animal must not endanger other passengers and you must have documents with you certifying the health status and vaccination of the animal.
  • Is the voucher issued by sufficient as an expense receipt for business accounting?
  • Why is it not possible to choose a departure?
    If it is not possible to buy vouchers for a particular departure, the reasons may be as follows: there are not enough free seats on the ferry, there is too little time until departure, the departure has been cancelled (because of difficult weather conditions or other reasons), there has been a technical malfunction.



  • How can a reservation be changed?
    The conditions for changing a voucher differ from operator to operator and can involve additional expenses for the voucher buyer. If the voucher can be changed, it generally means that it can be exchanged for another departure of the same operator. Usually, special offers cannot be changed. Information about restrictions that apply for changing the voucher is generally displayed in the reservations system along with the special offer; the restrictions are also noted on the voucher itself.
    To change a reservation, send a request by e-mail to (the application for the change is processed within 24 hours on workdays); it is also possible to change the reservation by directly contacting the customer service of the respective operator (only if there are less than 24 hours to the departure). For changing reservation, charges a fee of 8 €.
  • Is it possible and how can the data for a vehicle be changed on the reservation?
    Changing the data for a vehicle depends on the conditions of the operator. Generally, the registration data for a vehicle can be changed for free at the terminal’s check-in; if at the time of voucher registration the dimensions of the vehicle surpass the dimensions on the reservation, the customer must pay the difference. Vehicles larger than that stated on the reservation are only allowed on the ferry if there is enough room on the car deck.
  • Is it possible and how can the details for a passenger be changed?
    The person who made the reservation can change passenger details. Generally, passenger details can be changed at the terminal’s check-in prior to departure and also through the operator’s customer service. Changing depends on the operator’s established conditions.



  • How is a reservation cancelled?
    A reservation from the reservations system can be cancelled if this is permitted under the operator’s conditions for cancelling. For cancelling, charges a fee of 8 € that will be subtracted from the refunded sum. The refund is transferred to the bank account from which the vouchers were paid for within 10 days after cancelling the reservation. Cancellation takes place at:

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