How to make reservation


  • Step one
    Select a one-way trip or round-trip. Select a destination. Select the travel date. Add the passengers. Select any discounts for the passengers. To add a vehicle please select the type of vehicle, specify data if needed. After choosing the search criteria, click “Search tickets”. Based on the selected criteria all trips will be displayed on different lines in order of departure. Each line includes the total price based on the search criteria (the price offer includes all discounts that were selected for the search and inserted vehicle data). Select the trip you want. If it is a round-trip, the departures of the operator for the return-trip are differentiated from the operator of the to-trip. Usually operators offer discounts for round-trips. The users receive separate notifications about that. Click “Next step”.
  • Step two
    On this screen you can add additional services to the reservation. When you add an additional service, its availability is checked, and the packages offered by the operators are also checked. If a package is found with these selections, it is offered to the user, any discounts are also displayed. Click “Next step”.
  • Step three
    Insert the data for the person making the reservation. These are necessary in case the operator has to provide important information related to the departure time (cancellation, etc.). Insert the details for the passengers. Click “Next step”.
  • Step four
    A summary of the reservation is displayed. Check the correctness of the data and read the information related to the departure. Accept them. Select the Internet bank you want to use. If you wish to receive an expense receipt, make a note in the appropriate field “I would like an expense receipt” and specify the required data. Click “Payment”. You will be directed to your Internet bank along with the payment order. After completing the payment, click “Back to the Vendor”. After the payment, the person who made the reservation is sent an e-mail confirming the reservation and a confirmation message is sent to their cell phone.

    Have a nice trip!

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