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At the port check-in present your reservation number and you will receive a boarding card, which allows you on board.
Departure 1


01.04.2022 12:00

Departure terminal

Terminal A

Sadama 25/2, Tallinn

M/s Finlandia


01.04.2022 14:15

Arrival terminal

West Harbour Terminal 2 (Länsiterminaali 2)

Tyynenmerenkatu 14, Helsinki

Reservation number: 00000000


Name Amount
Deck ticket: Tallinn - Helsinki 12:00 1
Departure total: 22,00


In case of changes with the ticket please contact at least 24 hours before the departure. Reservation can be changed only to the same operator's ferry.

  • Registration of passenger tickets starts 2 hours before departure of the ferry and ends 45 minutes before departure of the ferry. The ferry operator will not guarantee boarding of passengers arriving later.
  • Registration of car tickets starts 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the ferry. It is recommendable to arrive to car check-in at least 1 hour before departure time. Registration of car tickets will end 45 minutes before departure of the ferry. If the car arrives at registration point after the mentioned time, Eckerö Line will be entitled to cancel the car ticket and put the car in queue. If upon registration of ticket it is discovered that dimensions of the car exceed dimensions shown in the booking, the passenger will be obliged to pay the price difference. Vehicles larger than booked will be allowed on board only if there are free places on car deck. The vehicle shall have identification mark of the country and international car insurance.

Contact information

Kaja Tamm +372 55555555 Estonia

Passenger details

Name Gender Citizenship Year of birth
Tamm, Kaja F Estonia 01.04.1991

Invoice No



Private person
Issuer of the invoice Estravel AS
Suur-Karja 15, 10140 Tallinn
Reg. No: 10325720
VAT NO EE100141652
Service: Price
travel services (ferry tickets) 22,00
Value added tax: 0,00 (VAT Act section 15 subsection 4 (13))
Total price: 22,00 EUR

Note: Booking has been changed: 27.01.2022.