If you are prevented from realising your voyage, please cancel your booking immediately.

If the outward voyage has not been used or has not been cancelled, the shipping company has the right to cancel the return voyage.

Your voyage must be cancelled, changed or transferred at least 24 hours before departure. Redeeming tickets or reimbursement only applies to bookings which have been cancelled in accordance with this condition. If you only use part of your booked voyage, you will not be reimbursed for the unused parts.

If you have paid and received a ticket, you can redeem it at the travel agency where you bought it.

When tickets are redeemed or reimbursed, at least 10% of the total price for the booking is deducted as a service charge. No deduction will be made if you have a doctor’s certificate or trade your ticket for another voyage with Viking Line without reimbursement (within 6 months).

Cancellation of a cruise/regular voyage with Early Bird Discount: Reimbursement for changing or cancelling a paid voyage is only granted if you can present a doctor's certificate. It is however possible to change the booking in terms of content and date of departure.

A paid booking cannot be used as part of the payment for other voyages or services.

Special rules apply to cancelling special voyages. Remember to check the cancellation date when you book your voyage.